Why is boiling water a physical change? Answer With Example


Hi students, Most of you know about the Physical and chemical changes of a substance. To answer the question Why is boiling water a physical change at first you need to know the concept.

What is Physical and chemical change

During the physical change, the molecular arrangement of a substance is the same but there is a change in state.

For example, if we boil water the liquid state changes to vapor state but there is no molecular change. or no new compounds are formed.

Why is boiling water a physical change? Answer is Here

In all states, such as gas, liquid, and solid, water molecules are retained.
As a result, there is no change in electrons, implying no change in molecule structure.
However, intermolecular forces are the only distinction that is entirely responsible for the three states of water.

It means hydrogen, dipole, and induce bond are responsible.

As a result, it shows that only PHYSICAL CHANGES occur…

I hope you understand what I’m saying.


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