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Fibre to Fabric | Chapter 3 | Class 6 | Science | NCERT


Question 1. Classify the following fibres as natural or synthetic: nylon, wool, cotton, silk, polyester, jute


Natural: Wool, Cotton, Silk, Jute

Synthetic: Nylon, Polyester

Question 2. State whether the following statements are true or false:

a) Yarn is made from fibres.

b) Spinning is a process of making fibres.

c) Jute is the outer covering of coconut.

d) The process of removing seed from cotton is called ginning.

e) The weaving of yarn makes a piece of fabric.

f) The silk fibre is obtained from the stem of a plant.

g) Polyester is a natural fibre.


a) True

b) False

c) False

d) True

e) True

f) False

g) False

Question 3. Fill in the blanks:

a) Plant fibres are obtained from_________ and ________ .

b) Animals fibres are __________ and ___________ .


a) Plant fibres are obtained from cotton and jute.

b) Animal fibres are silk and wool.

Question 4. From which parts of the plant cotton and jute are obtained?

Answer: Cotton is obtained from the fruits of the cotton plant, and Jute is obtained from the stem of the jute plant.

Question 5. Name two items that are made from coconut fibre.

Answer: Jute bags, ropes and Foot mats.

Question 6. Explain the process of making yarn from fibre.

Answer: Yarn can be made from fibre by a process called spinning. From the mass of cotton, fibres are drawn and twisted, which brings together the fibres to form a yarn. Takli and Charkha are the devices used for spinning. 

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