What is Diagonal Relationship-Definition, Example, Question

What is Diagonal Relationship-Definition, Example, Question

Hi, today we will learn about Diagonal Relationship-Definition, Example, Question in this article. It is one of the important topics in chemistry where you need to understand the concept.

What is Diagonal Relationship?

some elements of the second period of the periodic table show diagonal similarity with the elements of the third period. this relation is called diagonal relationship.

Diagonal Relationship in Periodic Table

PeriodGroup 1Group 2Group 13Group 14

In the periodic table, the similarity of the two elements is observed diagonally. See the periodic table as given above.

Among the lighter members of the second and third-period components, the diagonal relationship is prominent. Thus, Li (Lithium) of Group IA shows the diagonal – the relationship with Mg (Magnesium) of Group IIA, Be (Beryllium) of Group IIA shows the diagonal – the relationship with Al (Aluminium) of Group IIIA, and B (Boron) of Group IIIA shows the diagonal – the relationship with Si (Silicon) of Group IIA.

what is the cause of diagonal relationship

Question And Answered Asked In Exam About Diagonal Relationship

Name the alkaline earth metal which shows diagonal relationship with aluminum?

Beryllium , the alkaline earth metal shows diagonal relationship with aluminum

Why lithium shows diagonal relationship with magnesium?

Lithium shows diagonal relationship with magnesium because of its similar ionic or atomic radius, and electronegativity

What is the reason for diagonal relationship Or why diagonal relationship occurs?

Many of the elements in the periodic table, their chemical properties that vary with the size of the atom. As we moving across the group and period the size changes. Those atoms show diagonal relationship almost the same size.

The diagonal relationship is shown by the elements upto how many groups only?

Diagonal Relationship is shown only up to the Carbon Group. Nitrogen does not show diagonal relationship with Sulfur because it is not at all similar to Sulfur

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