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Newspaper Report Writing Format For Students

Are you looking for the answer to how to write a newspaper report? or newspaper report writing format well in this article we are sharing the easiest way to write a newspaper report.

If you are a student, then this article will be beneficial for your upcoming exam. You need to keep in mind all the steps I am going to share with you in this post.

What Is Newspaper Report Writing Format?

A newspaper report writing is a process to write a news report for the newspapers which consists of a real story or information that happening in the world.

when I was a student in class 10, I belonged to a rural area of Assam. At that time newspaper report writing was mandatory for the annual examination. Our English teacher taught us some basic ideas about Newspaper Report Writing Format in his class 10 CBSE notes. He teaches us that your report should be very crystal clear and it should be the real incidents and facts.

As per my research, there are a lot of articles on the net from where you can learn how to write a news report. But most of them are not enough to get a clear understanding to know the tips of news writing. So I have thought to write about it.

6 Steps To Follow Before Writing A Newspaper Report

before writing a Newspaper report you have to follow the 6 steps which are discussed below.

1.Write Best Headline

To write a newspaper report at first you need to focus on your headline. The headline should grab the readers’ attention.It should be simple and short.

2.Byline- Writer of The News

Byline is nothing but the name of the news writer who has prepared the news. As you are writing this news so write your name in this section. See Below



we write the name of the place related to the news report.


The date is also essential while writing a news report. write the date near to the place name. The date formate like January 1.

5.Write a Simple Introduction

In this part, you should write the introduction about the news. The introduction part should be short and contains basic information about the incident.

6.Body Part

The body part of a news report contains the full details about what is happening, why, and how. You should try to put all the important information in this part. You can also write body parts in more the one paragraph with facts and quotations.

7. Conclusion

The conclusion should be small and in this, you try to write what will be happening in the future or what incident related to this news was happening in the past or anything.

Things To Remember while writing a newspaper report.

  • Mention the location, date, time, and other relevant facts of the event.
  • Include information collected from persons around or affected by the event.
  • Donot forget to write the reporter’s name
  • Provide the appropriate title/heading.
  • Write down in the past tense.
  • Write in reported speech and use the passive expression
  • Develop ideas (causes, reasons, consequences, opinions) in a logical manner.
  • Write in a less formal and more descriptive way while writing a report for a school magazine.
  • Present your ideas and impressions to make this report interesting.

Newspaper Report Writing Format Example

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